Our menu is inspired by contemporary Australian cuisine, focusing on exceptional seasonal produce sourced through local suppliers. There is a complimentary balance of the simplicity and elegance of the ingredients and the complexity of cooking techniques used to create smart clean dishes. The menu reflects Chef Francisco Arbelo’s passion for selecting 3 components and using the techniques of smoking and sous vide. Together with sous chef Matt Worrad careful consideration is taken in the creation of dishes. Each dish reflects their passion for produce and personal dining experiences- Food they want to cook and food they want to eat.

 Our menu celebrates the pairing of curated cocktails and a considered wine list. Cocktails are fashioned from light, delicate and elegant to bold and powerful. A neo twist on old world flavours creates the expect the unexpected surprise of each cocktail.


Lunch at Neo Lemonade is always a good idea

  There is no good morning without a good coffee.  Coffee is supplied by specialty roasters Padre Coffee. Padre beans anxiously waiting to be grinded paired with personal customer service, Neo Lemonade takes the art of coffee seriously. Offering seasonal blend, Ethiopian single origin and decaffeinate coffee For those who like something different, Neo Lemonade brings the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to the table. Known as the traditional Indian approach to health and wellness, ayurvedic beverages are believed to detoxify and cleanse the body. Charcoal and turmeric are favourites, along with matcha, beetroot, pea flower or chai. Did we mention the Padre Espresso Martini….